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We can be your competitive edge.

Today’s marketing eco-system is so complex it can easily become a sinkhole of wasted investments and missed opportunities. We can help you navigate and analyze your marketing strategy.




The basics aren’t so basic anymore. We elevate your base media strategies and engineer ways to create more ROI and consumer engagement. Here are some of our approaches.

The speed in which consumers are embracing new technologies demands constant innovation. We guide you through bleeding and cutting edge media strategies, and help you gain learnings that create a competitive advantage. Here are some of our tactics.

Your creative and content needs to connect with consumers. We evaluate how dynamic, customized, and opportunistic your creative messaging really is. Here are some of the questions we answer.

Moving on-line tactics to measuring accurate off-line conversions is complex. We’ve gained a lot of insight by participating in several Alphas and Betas with Google, Facebook and other off-line conversion partners.


Recruitment (interviewing and assistance in vetting key candidates and partners)

Media Reviews (adhoc requests and proposals)

Media performance audits

Strategic Media Planning

Review and analysis of existing plans

Managing Hybrid Media (when some is in-house and other strategies are out- sourced)

Breaking down silos

Digital training

Brick and click model strategies


With unbiased perspectives and no hidden agendas, we will elevate and innovate your strategies.


Meet Chris


Chris Beck is the Founder and Chief Vision Officer of 26 Dot Two Consulting. He is an innovator of cutting edge digital media and strategy, and his thorough understanding of the consumer journey helps companies create more impact, engagement and ROI.

Along with innovating new approaches to traditional, digital and social strategy, Chris is currently working on a number of Alpha and Beta projects with Facebook, Google, and other mobile partners. The projects address the complex consumer path to purchase, and the moving of digital conversions and leanings to off-line and location (store visit) based conversions, data and insights.

Chris divides his time between New York City and San Francisco, CA, where he lives with his family and a very special rescue dog named Mardy Fish.


With our cutting edge media strategies, our founder has been asked to speak on various panels focusing on innovation and tech in the media landscape.

See Chris’ thought leadership here.

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Need better strategies for your core brand? Non-core brand? Innovation brand? We can help.



Disruptive thinking doesn't only apply to savvy tech start-ups.

Chris brings disruptive thinking to the world of media strategy, taking integrated marketing to the next level with his non-traditional approach. After working with several different status quo media agencies throughout my marketing career, Chris and the 26 Dot Two team are a breath of fresh air. I thoroughly enjoyed working with Chris when he and his team created a killer media strategy for Samsung SmartThings.

Shirnett G. FleetVice President of Global Marketing at Uniworld Boutique River Cruise Collection

His energy and creativity is boundless and his deep insight in the digital space is exceptional.

Chris has been and exception resource as we’ve rolled out markets both domestically and internationally, his energy and creativity is boundless and his deep insight in the digital space is exceptional. He’s a true partner to the business.

Russell BarnettChief Marketing Officer My/Mo Mochi Ice Cream

Chris is exceptionally talented and experienced in digital strategy, plan, development, optimization and execution.

Chris is exceptionally talented and experienced in digital strategy, plan, development, optimization and execution. He delivered a very efficient and effective digital media plan for Gardein that resulted in brand awareness and purchase intent increases unheard of by Nielsen. He’s honest and does what’s right for your brand, not what’s the most profitable for his business.

Ashlyn NeffSenior Director of Marketing at Quest Nutrition

Chris and 26Dottwo are the agency for the future for those that don’t want to be yesterday’s news.

Truly a white glove partner where constant innovation meets real revenue impact. Chris and his team de-constuct “traditional” media and how to generate solid impact from digital. There is no “template for success” rather each campaign is incubated and customized based on our objectives. They are extremely fast and nimble which is critical in the ever changing retail landscape. 26Dottwo is the agency for the future for those that don’t want to be yesterday’s news.

Norma QuonExecutive Director of Marketing at Whole Foods Market

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  • Deconstructing your “traditional media”
  • Engineering digital with connective tissue
  • Ensuring programmatic is living up to its promise
  • Evaluating multi-level remarketing strategies
  • Elevating your social media strategy
  • Analyzing what you are measuring and why
  • Establishing high performing media performance benchmarks and KPI’s.
  • Elevating deterministic and probabilistic matching
  • Assessing your test and learn strategies
  • Stocking up your innovative tool kit (bio-metrics, digital foot-printing, AI, intelligent OOH, mood marketing)
  • Transforming your digital strategies
  • Participating in partner Alphas and Betas to elevate performance
  • Are your martech strategies translating to meaningful impact?
  • Leveraging digital foot-prints
  • Moving from impressions to impact impressions and time based media performance
  • Collapsing and remodeling your funnel
  • Identifying relevant and actionable consumer paths to purchase
  • Engineering dynamic sequential messaging and impact between walled gardens
  • Are you struggling with a “one-size fits all” approach, or are you communicating with key archetypes and personas?
  • Are your martech strategies actually being integrated?
  • Are you taking consumers down rabbit holes and capitalizing on opportunistic moments when they are open to serendipitous discovery?
  • Are you employing logical sequential messaging strategies with your creative messaging?
  • How are you “wiring” across strategies and tactics through brand, opportunistic, movements, social, SEM copy and relevancy?